Programme leadership

How to create impact and manage your EU funded project

Durable innovation and impact in life sciences and healthcare requires looking beyond the boundaries of a project coupled with effective communication and dissemination.

“At ttopstart, when we talk about impact we mean more than just publishing and sharing your scientific knowledge. With a true lasting impact, we want to see results implemented in healthcare, where it can make a real difference for patients and the system.


Project management & stakeholder engagement

At ttopstart, we focus on multiple connecting projects at the same time. For choices and plans to be made today, we always have the long-term vision in mind.


Communication & Dissemination

Bringing your research plans and results to the attention of the right audiences will ensure that your efforts have long-lasting impact and will enable implementation of your results in general practice once the project has been finalized.


Project sustainability

It is important to start thinking about sustainability early on, when the choices that are made will influence the possibilities for eventual uptake.

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Our ‘Programme Leadership’ brochure contains relevant insights on how to manage your project with focus on sustainable impact. Find out how you create impact and manage your EU funded project.

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