Market research
The right context for decision making

Our market research services provide you with context for strategic decision making. By positioning them in the right context, seemingly complicated problems become simple and actionable.

Biobusiness is characterized by many challenging or facilitating factors. With our market research services, we aid in identifying these factors and connecting the dots.

Our method

We value co-creation. For each project, we work with you to identify your specific need and translate it into an addressable market research question with an actionable result. We then use data-driven methods and tools – including an up-to-date database of patents and publications – as well as frameworks like our FFWD model and problem-solving strategies to ensure the analyses are grounded in the full context of reality.

What we offer

Our services are tailored to your needs. Whether we provide a broader market analyses for an understanding of the full scope of a market, or answer very focused, tailored research questions depends upon your most pressing needs and goals. In which market can your invention provide the most value? Who are the likely key competitors in the cancer nanovaccine market in 5 years, and how can you sustain your product’s differentiation in that landscape? Our market research services can help you answer both of these questions, and more. We specialise in stakeholder analyses, competitor analyses, technology and trend analyses, customer analyses, pricing analyses, feasibility analysis and product-fit analyses.

“Many innovators do not understand the hidden potential they have. They are too focused on the direct and small problem they want to solve. I help them to broaden the scope and realise about the greater impact they can have.”


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