Research excellence and impact strategies for institutes 

With an emphasis on impact

Academic research is in transition. Society and funders push for impact from academic research. In parallel, researchers call for a shift in performance evaluation and more support to strengthen their position.

We evaluated the approaches and performance of research institutes throughout Europe and adapted important management principles from industry to meet today’s needs of an academic leadership. Together, we evaluate your institutes’ long-term goals, its current challenges and its unique assets that make it stand out. We then devise and implement winning strategies to ensure your strong research performance. Our academic leadership track record includes work for academic institutes in the Netherlands and around Europe.

Our Research Strategy and Funding Canvas

We have a set of methodologies to facilitate designing, implementing and evaluating research strategies for PIs and research institutes. Our Research Strategy and Funding Canvas is a key tool for this. It generates a unique ‘fingerprint’ of the PI and their research team, as well as the institute as a whole. The Canvas builds upon a 360-degree stakeholder analysis, an assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses and evaluation of key peers. As such, it provides insights into current gaps and challenges and is an excellent starting point to build a tailored strategy for researchers of all seniorities.

Three of my key goals are to help clients extract maximum societal impact from their innovations, empower and strategically guide biomedical researchers, and strengthen the European research landscape by ensuring pioneering academics are rewarded with funding.


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