Leadership training & coaching

To develop and expand your leadership skills

To grow and sustain a team, researchers are tested on their leadership skills. It requires leadership to devise research strategies, invest in infrastructure, build (public-private) partnerships, create spin-offs, and adapt to emerging insights and technologies.

We see that most professional leadership training either does not meet international standards or is not fit to academic environments. ttopstart develops and offers a portfolio of training and coaching solutions to aid researchers of all seniorities to develop and expand their leadership skills.

    Training and coaching programmes

    Our in-house training and coaching programmes are tailored to the participants and characterised by active interaction and peer-learning. Our trainings include:

    • Excellence in research funding (for both PIs and support staff)
    • Basic and advanced trainings in Intellectual Property, biobusiness and technology transfer
    • Mini-MBA for academics (in development)
    • Pitch training

    “What I like most about ttopstart is its mission where we focus on creating impact.”


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