IHI has launched two new calls for proposals

3 August 2023

On 27 July 2023, the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) has officially launched the calls 4 & 5. 

The new calls for proposals features topics on the environmental impacts of healthcare, addressing the use of animals in research, and the generation of synthetic health data for research, among other things. Let’s take a closer look at the two calls.

IHI call 4 (Two-stage call)

IHI call 4 is a two-stage call with topics on the 3Rs, patient-centric blood sample collection, clinical trials, and the environmental impacts of healthcare. The following topics are included in the call:

  • Topic 1: Expanding translational knowledge in minipigs: a path to reduce and replace non-human primates in non-clinical safety assessment.
  • Topic 2: Patient-centric blood sample collection to enable decentralised clinical trials and improve access to healthcare.
  • Topic 3: Inclusive clinical studies for equitable access to clinical research in Europe.
  • Topic 4: Establishing novel approaches to improve clinical trials for rare and ultra-rare diseases.
  • Topic 5: Safe & sustainable by design (SSbD) packaging and single use device solutions for healthcare products.
  • Topic 6: Sustainable circular development and manufacturing of healthcare products and their quantitative environmental impact assessment.

The deadline for short proposals is 8 November 2023 at 17:00. For full proposal submission, the deadline is 23 April 2024 at 17:00.

IHI Call 5 (Single-stage call)

IHI call 5 is a single-stage call with topics on the 3Rs, theranostics, stroke management and synthetic data. The following topics are included in the call:

  • Topic 1: Accelerating the implementation of New Approach Methodologies and other innovative non-animal approaches for the development, testing and production of health technologies.
  • Topic 2: Development and proof of principle of new clinical applications of theranostics solutions.
  • Topic 3: Improved prediction, detection, and treatment approaches for comprehensive stroke management.
  • Topic 4: Maximising the potential of synthetic data generation in healthcare applications.

The deadline for full proposals is 16 January 2024.

For more information visit the website of IHI.

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