Meet the ttopstart team: Senior Consultant
Andrea Slot

24 March 2023

At ttopstart we work in an international team of creative innovators. In our series ‘Meet the ttopstart team’ we introduce you to our colleagues. We interviewed Andrea about her role as senior consultant, projects she is proud of and her love for science and innovation.

What is something biomedical innovators have to deal with that you want to fix?

‘Biomedical innovators, but also other innovators in the healthcare industry, are dealing with many hurdles like rapidly changing markets and long development times that slow down or even hinder bringing an very smart and useful idea to the market. You can for example see that many of these innovators have a scientific background, lack business experience, have ideas that lack focus or the right context. I am someone with a business and strategic mindset that would challenge these ideas and create the context for informed decision making. This to bring ideas faster to the market, with a higher impact and redirect ideas if these are unfeasible.’

What is your role as a senior consultant?

‘As a senior consultant I help ttopstart in creating new business. I collaborate with our clients to deliver business and funding strategies to help them adapt to unique challenges and opportunities and support them in realizing their goals. I am also an integral member of the team in which I coach and support the more junior team members. I am a strategic thinker who understands the big picture. To support our clients, I have strong analytical and critical thinking skills, and excellent communication and writing skills. With these skills I am able to understand the needs of our clients and how we can best support them, co-create business strategies with our clients, write attractive proposals for funding agencies and/or investors and enhance ttopstart’ s performance.’

Which project that you work(ed) on at ttopstart are you very proud of?

‘I am not sure if I can pick one. Not a single project is the same. I mostly enjoy working on different projects with a various number of topics and a various type of services. You can think about green chemistry, cultured meat, diagnostics, AI and novel treatments for a broad spectrum of diseases. Supporting our clients with bringing their innovations to the market is valuable to me. I have developed market reports and business plans to provide clients with a context for decision making and/or convince investors to finance their projects. I am for example proud of how we were able to help LenioBio to create a solid business strategy. I have also supported several clients with receiving the funding they need to realize their goals. One example I am proud of is the EIC Transition we were able to secure funding of almost 2.5M EUR together with Prof. Katalin Barta from the University of Graz (PURESURF).’

What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position?

‘I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Science and a master’s degree in Strategic Innovation Management (Business Administration). During my studies, my enthusiasm for healthcare and innovation was further fueled by several topics and discussions. The valley of death in healthcare, i.e. ideas not reaching the market, was a topic I was particularly interested in and I focused my thesis on this subject. After my graduation, I started working at PNO Consultants in the Life Science and Health team. Shortly thereafter, PNO acquired ttopstart and we as a team merged with ttopstart. Since, then I have enjoyed working at ttopstart and put my experiences into practice, i.e. providing strategy support and developing market research reports, developing attractive proposals for financing, business cases and business plans. Thereby I am always trying to innovate our own services to best meet our clients’ needs.’

What do you like most about working at ttopstart?

‘ttopstart allows me to grow as a person and as a consultant. Since the day I joined, I am able to take responsibilities, choose my path of becoming a business leader in the LSH field and work with a lot of fun colleagues from different backgrounds.’

What’s your background?

‘I grew up in Enschede (Twente) in a loving family of four. Sports has always been a great passion of mine, in particularly hockey. After graduation I went to study in Groningen and joined Albertus Magnus and the first team of GCHC (hockey). I had a great time with friends, all being ambitious but also enjoying life, and did many side activities like coaching and training, organizing events and being part of the board of G.C.H.C. as vice-president.’

Your motto:

‘Enjoy the little things, but think big.’

 Thanks, Andrea!

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“For me the possibility to be creative and think out-side the box is very important. Keeping things as they are, just because they were once created that way, is something I challenge. In others I value being open towards change. Something that’s quite obviously related to innovation.”


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