Academic leadership

How to become an excellent scientist

We provide academics with the tools and training to optimally position and empower themselves, their departments and their institutes to build a research environment where excellence thrives and impact comes naturally.

“To lighten the load, I help individuals and institutions to optimally position themselves and strategise as entrepreneurs, ensuring long-term academic success.”

–  Stefanie Schütte, PhD, Consultant

Personalised research strategies for scientists

Successful scientists and research groups have unique infrastructures, coherent research projects, fruitful (public-private) collaborations and effective communication and tech transfer.  We support PIs in developing the strategies and skills to realise and maintain such research environments. 


Research excellence and impact strategies for institutes

ttopstart’s strategies for institutes address the emphasis on impact in academic research, to ensure strong research performance according to shifting standards and to safeguard overall wellbeing in times of change.


Leadership training & coaching

It requires leadership skills to invest and sustain outstanding research infrastructures, build (public-private) partnerships, create spin-offs, devise research strategies, and adapt to emerging insights and technologies. We see that most professional leadership training either does not meet international standards or is not fit to academic environments. ttopstart develops and offers a portfolio of training and coaching solutions to aid researchers of all seniorities to develop and expand their leadership skills.

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Our ‘Academic Leadership’ brochure contains relevant insights on how to develop and expand your leadership skills. Download the brochure and become an excellent scientist!

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    Besides our Academic Leadership services to help you develop and expand your leadership skills, ttopstart helps you to create impact by offering the following services.