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SME Call 2024

21 January 2024

The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) is actively promoting innovative research by providing financial support to public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the life sciences and health sector.

Call for applications for PPP Innovation Subsidy at the Top Sector Life Sciences

This initiative encourages both for-profit enterprises and research organisations to collaborate in research and development (R&D), aiming to create sustainable innovative products and services within the LSH sector to generate economic revenues. The Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) office, operating under the Top Sector LSH, can provide financial support for collaborative projects through PPP Subsidy.

Focus on the social theme of Health & Care (MT G&Z)

Aligned with the mission-driven top sector and innovation policy, the Top Sector LSH focuses on the social theme of Health & Care (MT G&Z) through public-private partnerships. The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) 2024-2027 Health & Care outlines the ambitions within MT G&Z and the corresponding strategy to achieve these goals. A key strategy involves engaging and stimulating Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), a focus highlighted in the recent Parliamentary Letter Innovation and Impact from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, set to continue from 2024 to 2027. This new call has been launched to realize this strategy and address the wishes and needs of SMEs.

Budget of €5 million

In 2024, the Top Sector LSH has allocated €5 million in PPP Subsidy for the SME call, with €3.3 million specifically available for SMEs. SMEs may claim max. €150,000 per project year (max. 2 years) and research organizations may claim max. €150,000 per project.This call aims to provide subsidies, under specific conditions, to SMEs for funding an existing or new R&D Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) working on an industrial public-private partnership project.

Terms and Conditions

Each application must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • The research significantly contributes to the realization of the missions and strategy outlined in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) 2024-2027 of the Top Sector LSH.
  • The research exhibits high quality.
  • The consortium includes at least one for-profit enterprise and one research organization.
  • The project focuses solely on industrial research.
  • The project is executed for joint account and risk, with all consortium partners contributing content to the project.
  • The main applicant is an SME based in the Netherlands.
  • Only one application per lead applicant is allowed; if multiple applications are submitted, only the first one will be considered.
  • SMEs whose applications were successful in the previous round are excluded from participating in this call.
  • The project duration is a maximum of 2 years.
  • SMEs may claim a maximum of €150,000 PPP Subsidy per project year.
  • Research organizations may claim a maximum of €150,000 PPP Subsidy per project.
  • The PPP Subsidy is intended to fund one existing or new R&D FTE, equivalent to 1720 hours.

Application Process

The application process comprises three steps:

  • Step 1: Submit a letter of intent (available February 1, 2024, CET 12:00, application closes after the limit is reached)
  • Step 2: Recommendation to submit full application (no later than 5 workdays after submission of
    intent letter)
  • Step 3: Submit full application (deadline April 9, 2024, 17:00 CET)

Granting will be based on appropriateness within the requirements of this call and the PPP Subsidy regulation, feasibility, scientific quality, and economic and societal impact. This includes added value to the strategy of the Top Sector LSH, addressing the societal challenge of ‘Health & Care,’ and demonstrating connections to key technologies and the use of key methodologies.

For more information visit the website of Health Holland.

Top Sector LSH promotes and facilitates public-private cooperation. The interdisciplinary collaboration from top scientific expertise is, after all, essential to achieve socially relevant and economically efficient innovations. To promote (new) PPPs in 2024 through the new PPP Innovation Scheme, the Pilot Call was created. This subsidy call is executed by the Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) of the Top Sector LSH: TKI-LSH. The TKILSH is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the name LSH-TKI Foundation, but is better known as
Health~Holland (branding name).

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