Frank Deege – Director of Consulting ttopstart, per January 1, 2023

ttopstart is proud to announce that, as of Januari 1st, 2023, Frank Deege will be appointed Director of Consulting. He will thereby join the company’s management board, along with the Managing Director Sietske Zagers.

Frank brings in invaluable experience, a strong network and is one of the best consultants in our sector. The team will leverage his experience and expertise to further boost the growth of ttopstart and our key services.

Sietske Zagers:

We are delighted to have Frank on board, to ensure top quality to our clients. Heading our team of consultants, he will share his experience, train on-the-job and coach them in becoming the best consultants they can be and thereby fostering ttopstart’s ambition to be the leading life sciences consultancy in Europe.

Frank started his career as a grant consultant 25 years ago at PwC advisory, working for all kinds of private sector and public sector organizations, ranging from large production companies and small businesses to academia. Gradually he developed a focus on servicing large European consortia in the life sciences.

Frank Deege:

In 2009, I took the offer of Erasmus MC Virology, to head their project office and start working as their in-house grant consultant. I figured that this would be a good opportunity to actually work in the environment and amongst the people I serviced for years, making me a better consultant. This is where my love for science grew on me. What struck me most was the passion and intrinsic motivation of the scientists I worked for and with. After leaving Erasmus MC, I worked as an independent consultant for over six years, during which I came into contact with ttopstart, where I found likeminded consultants that believe in the power of science and innovation to solve societal challenges and to improve health for all.

With this appointment the ttopstart organisation is ready for the future, to be a truly empowering and enabling partner in Life Sciences & Health.


We warmly welcome Frank in the team.

‘My added value is that I enable scientists to focus on what they are good at and what they love to do: science. With me at their side, they have someone on their team that looks beyond the intricate details of their research and focuses on how the unique strengths of the consortium and the proposal can best be presented.’



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