ttopstart is part of the canSERV project

29 September 2022

We are pleased to be part of the canSERV project that aims to defragment the landscape of European cancer research. ttopstart is involved in project coordination and sustainability.

About canSERV

Over the next three years, canSERV will enable academia and industry access to cross-cutting services and support from basic science up to clinical translation to foster personalised medicine for cancer patients. All services of the participating infrastructures will be bundled on a common platform which will go online within the next few months. canSERV will connect, coordinate, and align existing oncology and complementary Research Infrastructures (RIs) alongside providing services in a synergistic, transnational way. This will capitalise on the critical mass of experts and cutting-edge services offered by canSERV RIs and their extended networks.

canSERV key points

  • The EU-funded canSERV consortium will make innovative services available to cancer
    researchers, therefore supporting the goals of the EU Cancer Mission.
  • Funded services can be requested through canSERV’s single, unified transnational access
    platform, which will be built to integrate unique cancer research services from all consortium
  • The consortium is committed to sustaining long-term, continuously offered access to current
    and future oncology services for Europe and beyond.

‘The canSERV consortium will meet the needs of EU academic and industry users and
create a more effective, streamlined and defragmented European oncology RI landscape.’



canSERV key objectives

  • To offer at least 200 different unique Personalized Oncology (PO) relevant and valuable
    cutting-edge services for life science research in Europe over the next three years.
  • To establish a single, unified, transnational access platform to request services and training.
  • To ensure oncology-related data provided will be fully compliant with the FAIR principles, and
    complement and synergise with other relevant EU initiatives (e.g., EOSC,
  • To sustain the network and unified resources of oncology-related service provision beyond
    the duration of the project.

Overall, canSERV will accelerate the process of translating theoretical knowledge into personalised
oncology clinical practice, that will give cancer patients faster and easier access to solutions and

Further project details

canSERV is aligned to and supports the EU Cancer Mission. When this mission was declared by the
European Commission last year, they suggested that taking interdisciplinary approaches could be the key to accelerating cancer research and finding new treatment options. The canSERV project responds directly to this by providing new interdisciplinary and customised oncology services across the entire cancer continuum. This will provide a comprehensive portfolio of oncology-related Research Infrastructure services available to all EU member countries, and beyond.

Key to canSERV is the offer of world-class services valuable for all major stakeholders e.g., researchers, universities, institutes, high-profile SMEs, and European research consortia. The mission is to make inventive and customised research services available to the cancer research community, enable innovative R&D projects, and accelerate the development and implementation of solutions for cancer patients across Europe.

The cross-cutting canSERV consortium comprises 19 partners from leading EU Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs), Research Infrastructures (RIs), scientific societies, and patient associations. Each partner contributes unique services and developments to canSERV.

Thanks to the transnational collaboration and complementarity of the consortium, canSERV will
provide the widest and most comprehensive portfolio in cancer research, taking the scientific
excellence in Europe, and beyond, a major step forward. Open calls to the worldwide cancer
community for the provision of funded services will be announced over the common platform and will be advertised widely across the cancer community.
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