Two-Stage Proposals: Unlock Your Success!

10 January 2024

Have you conquered the first stage of your Horizon Europe proposal? Congratulations! Now, let’s set our sights on the next steps to move from your first stage submission to the second stage. Our extended services are here to support you to stand out in these upcoming second-stage calls in April.

How we elevate your proposal:

✅ Strategic Advice: Engaging in collaborative brainstorming sessions and providing strategic insights to enhance your proposal from a reviewer’s perspective, ensuring it stands out.

✅ Active Collaboration: offering support in consortium and budget optimalisation for a robust proposal.

✅ Tailored Writing Support: Receive personalized writing support to amplify the clarity and impact of your proposal, aligning seamlessly with Horizon Europe’s objectives. Particularly beneficial for transitioning from a concise to a more comprehensive proposal.

✅ Dissemination, Exploitation, and Impact Strategies: Crafting effective strategies for project dissemination, exploitation and impact to maximize your project’s reach and effectiveness.

📩 Contact Marc Derieppe, one of our Horizon Europe’s calls experts, for an introductory meeting and explore collaboration opportunities.

ttopstart has more than 13 years of experience in bringing the right partners together, in particular in Horizon Europe projects. My advice: start on time, start now!”


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