Project management & stakeholder engagement

Full non-scientific project management support

At ttopstart, we focus on multiple connecting projects at the same time. For choices and plans to be made today, we always have the long-term vision in mind.

How good coordination can add value

Sustainable implementation of research and innovation activities in healthcare is becoming more challenging because: 1) they are financed on a project basis and are therefore confined in terms of budget and time, 2) they require long-term strategic relationships across different disciplines and across different stakeholders to create sustainable impact. To drive durable innovations in life sciences and healthcare we look beyond the boundaries of a project. We focus on connecting multiple projects at the same time and have the long-term vision in mind for the choices and plans that are made now.

    What we do
    • We build strategies that constitute programmes incorporating several projects
    • We create synergies and connect projects and clients to broaden their internal and external networks
    • We engage with relevant stakeholders to enable project implementation
    • We create opportunities for new projects
    • We provide proactive management: integrating project management (scope, progress, stakeholders, monitoring, risks, resources, quality, budget)

      “Our goal is to facilitate a productive working
      atmosphere. ttopstart has the unique skills
      and expertise to facilitate the productivity of
      your project. We remove the administrative
      burden associated with (inter)national projects, allowing you to focus on the work plan.”


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