Floortje van Rongen, MSc


Hi, I’m Floortje.
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I am a consultant as part of the Business Leadership team. During my thesis research about critical factors in the development of biotech academic spin-offs I have retrieved some very interesting insights by talking to (academic) entrepreneurs and TTO employees. I can use this knowledge very well in my daily work with ttopstart and also further explore this in practice.

The combination of having hands-on (research) lab experience with the business outlook allows me to understand both perspectives. Moreover, during my studies I got acquainted with the enquiry based-learning approach. This made me develop a useful skill which allows me to take up information quickly and understand different (life science) subjects soon. I think this is important for my work as I have to switch between many different projects, sometimes daily.

Empower researchers and innovators

Researchers and innovators in life sciences and health focus their research efforts on small pieces of a bigger puzzle which represents an overarching societal problem. Together with the ttopstart team and its different expertise and experiences, I would like to support our clients in understanding this bigger picture and help them translate their tremendous efforts into something valuable and tangible, ultimately impacting society. More specifically, together with the Business Leadership team, I would like to support the continuation and market approval of various life sciences innovations.

ttopstart values

I have always enjoyed working in teams and have acknowledged its value ever since I started playing field hockey and started doing multiple projects during my studies. The phrasing ‘Together everyone achieves more’ sounds cliché but is something I consider very true. Interdisciplinarity and differing interests, personalities and experiences in a team are important to solve certain problems together and to get multiple different insights and views of the topic. With this in mind, a well-performing team also has a good leader providing proper guidance and space for all team members to grow. Responsibility is part of this too, which should be taken by both the leader and the team players.

Passion for me can be found in many different things: working together with a great team with aligned working and communication styles; working on projects related to the development of innovative pharmaceuticals; learning new theories and practical skills related to psychological processes; making other people feel comfortable and happy; being outside for a lovely walk in the sun or performing a sports activity.


Floortje van Rongen

I really enjoy the interface between the ‘science’ and the ‘business’ and I think at ttopstart I can further work on and explore these interests.

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+31 (0)88 – 83 8 1 330

You in facts

make others feel comfortable and happy

enjoying a richly filled ‘borrelplank’ with a specialty beer on the side

Loves to spend time with friends and family

Enthusiastic field hockey player and lately also padel


Facts Floortje