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As an intern at ttopstart, I will dive into several ways to engage patients in ongoing research projects and clinical trials.

To my opinion, the impact of healthcare improvement is not only reached by good quality research, but equally by means of a well performed strategy. A well performed strategy entails many aspects, amongst which clear communication, creation of awareness and the engagement of all stakeholders in the project. In order to add value to the improvement of healthcare, I’m impelled to contribute to these aspects.

During my side job as a hostess at the UMCU, I got in contact with a lot of patients. Many patients had a clear diagnosis, some did not. Based on conversations I had with these patients and my theoretical background in Biomedical Sciences, I was incentivised to brainstorm about methods that could potentially help these patients and improve healthcare. This led to my interest in healthcare consultancy and the creation of awareness amongst all stakeholders.

I studied Biomedical Sciences at the Utrecht university. At the moment I study the Master Science and Business Management.

Manou Kooy

Biomedical innovators are mainly focused on improvement of existing therapies and development of novel technologies, where patients and other stakeholders seek good healthcare, low costs or effective communication. To make sure improvement of healthcare occurs as a whole, I would like to close this gap, bring biomedical innovators and other stakeholders together and create complementary solutions.

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