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Hi, I’m Manou.
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As a consultant within the Programme Leadership team, I am eager to make an impactful difference in life sciences and healthcare projects granted by the EU.

How/When did your passion for life sciences / innovation / research start?

My passion for innovation in the life sciences actually started during my bachelor’s. The learning materials that I obtained during my studies were very in-depth and tailored to further exploitation in the lab, while I noticed it was not my purpose in life to work in the lab. It made me realise that there is more than the research itself in order to provide good healthcare. Even though my tutor discouraged me to learn more about the combination of science and business instead of science alone, I decided to follow my gut feeling. This has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. 

What are the main challenges for researchers and innovators in life sciences and health, and how would you like to empower them? 

To my opinion, the main challenge for researchers and innovators in life sciences and health is the active recollection of what patients really need and why they need it. When conducting research, the focus on research itself tends to take over as compared to the actual goal of the research. Therefore, I think it is of great importance to keep reminding ourselves why we are doing what we are doing.  

What are your credentials/experience, for working in your position? 

Before I officially started working, I did my five-month internship at ttopstart. During my internship I investigated the involvement of patients in large research projects including several stakeholders. The reason I investigated this important topic was due to my experience in the hospital. During my studies, I worked at the UMCU as a hostess, where I got acquainted with many patients and their stories, giving me insight into their perspectives on healthcare dynamics. Collecting all these insights, I learned that we sometimes tend to forget what we are doing all the research for. So when I did my interview at ttopstart and they were interested in someone to investigate the involvement in large research projects, it felt like a perfect role for me to fulfill.  

What is your role and added value at ttopstart? 

With my social gut feeling and warmth towards other people, I hope to contribute to the creation of trust and connection within ttopstart. When talking to partners or clients, my aim is to generate a comfortable atmosphere where good discussions can take place and partners and clients feel the freedom to speak openly.  

What do you like most about working at ttopstart? 

ttopstart enables me to develop me both personally and professionally in a way tailored to my own interests. Wherever my interest lies, my colleagues will provide me with support and tools to make it happen. To this extent, ttopstart is constantly evolving and aiming to make high impact in the healthcare sector, which is in line with my own ambition.  

The ttopstart values are Teamwork, Taking Ownership and Passion, how do you personally relate to these values? 

I think teamwork is the best way to make things happen, as multiple views can do more than one and teamwork is the building step towards a waterproof approach. Personally, I prefer sparring with my colleagues over working individually, as this lends for new insights and more creative ideas. When I started working at ttopstart, I noticed that all colleagues are acting professionally and take ownership for their responsibilities, with a lot of passion included. This combination results in a steep learning curve for me.  

Manou Kooy

Biomedical innovators are mainly focused on improvement of existing therapies and development of novel technologies, where patients and other stakeholders seek good healthcare, low costs or effective communication. To make sure improvement of healthcare occurs as a whole, I would like to close this gap, bring biomedical innovators and other stakeholders together and create complementary solutions.

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