Martha Gilbert, BSc, MSc


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Within the Programme Leadership team, I am involved in several different projects. My role in these projects varies from engagement and sustainability to project management.

My role as consultant at ttopstart involves tasks in sustainability and project management. I am involved in several EU (H2020/HEU and IMI/IHI) funded projects. 

In sustainability, I look at how EU funded projects could continue to add value beyond the EU funding period. We explore the market, conduct stakeholder analyses, and competitor analyses, we validate our findings with internal and external stakeholders, assess their needs and write sustainability plans to advise on the future and create a clear market entry plan.  

In project management, I work closely with the coordinator and support them with day-to-day tasks such as arranging meetings, facilitating the technical and financial reporting, ensuring timely submission of deliverables, and preparing amendments, among others. 

ttopstart has a great company culture and working here has allowed me to gain confidence in my role with the opportunity to grow and take on new tasks and responsibilities.Within the team we support one another and are always there to lend a helping hand. Setting boundaries and actively communicating are important aspects of teamwork. We share knowledge and insights and work towards a common goal.

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It is our task in the Programme Leadership team to ensure that consortium partners are fully engaged in the project and to ensure that sustainability is focused on right from the start of a project.

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Martha in facts


Loves making smoothie bowls 

Lives by to-do lists 

Football and skiing

Good listener