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OPTIMA aims to improve treatment for patients with cancer through artificial intelligence. ttopstart is part of the project management team and focuses on internal and external engagement to secure sustainable impact.

OPTIMA’s mission

OPTIMA (Optimal Treatment for Patients with Solid Tumours in Europe Through Artificial intelligence) will use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve care for patients with prostate, breast and lung cancer. OPTIMA’s goal is to design, develop and deliver the first interoperable, GDPR-compliant real-world oncology data and evidence generation platform in Europe, to potentially advance treatment for patients with solid tumours in the three cancers.

The OPTIMA consortium is a € 21.3 million IMI public-private research programme, consists of 36 multidisciplinary stakeholders in the clinical, academic, patient, regulatory, data sciences, legal and ethical and pharmaceutical fields – and is jointly led by Prof. Dr James N’Dow from the European Association of Urology and Academic Urology Unit at the University of Aberdeen and Dr Hagen Krüger, Medical Director Oncology, Pfizer Germany.


To translate the ideas of the OPTIMA consortium into a solution with impact, long-term strategic relations are required that acknowledge context and focus. Full compliance with relevant guidelines is a pre-requisite towards success. To help OPTIMA with this, ttopstart creates smart paths towards a sustainable impact that will accelerate the OPTIMA platform.

The challenges we see is that European projects like OPTIMA need long-term strategic relationships and cross-partner involvement of stakeholders to really have a sustainable impact. This is understandably, not the priority or the expertise of the coordinator. Therefore, at ttopstart, we look beyond the boundaries of one project. We start with the end in mind to create a lasting impact.


For the OPTIMA consortium we build and maintain bridges to create engagement and commitment. To achieve its vision, OPTIMA has united the key partners from other data-driven European wide oncology initiatives in its project along with Europe’s leading clinicians in the fields of breast, prostate and lung cancer that all have leading roles in medical societies. At the core of the OPTIMA project are the major guideline offices of the three indications, whilst the project is further strengthened by patient advocacy groups, well-known academic partners and 6 SMEs as partners covering the needed expertise to implement OPTIMA successfully.

Together with the OPTIMA partners we co-created a strategic programme that connects and aligns several projects towards the same long-term goal. We have developed a strategy to ensure stakeholder engagement, and we support in executing this strategy.


At ttopstart, impact means more than just publishing and sharing scientific knowledge. We want to see results implemented in healthcare, where it can make a real difference for patients and the system. Sustainable uptake of the OPTIMA platform demands that we start with the end in mind, to change patients’ lives and the healthcare system for the better. As OPTIMA envisions sustainability of its platform through a value-based approach with various business models for commercial users, we challenge its future impact strategy by leveraging our entrepreneurial attitude and experience in life cycle thinking.


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