Meet our new ttopstart colleagues: Tonći, Floortje and Padraic

4 April 2024

At ttopstart we work in an international team of creative innovators. Recently, we have welcomed three new colleagues: Tonći, Floortje and Padraic. We asked them to briefly introduce themselves, to tell something about their roles, and what they are looking forward to at ttopstart.

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Tonći: ‘After over 13 years of service in biomedical research, in the fields of haemato-oncology, personalized cancer medicine, immunology and serology, I now balance the overview of methodological possibilities with a forward-thinking vision aimed to address emerging medical needs.’

Floortje: ‘Since February I have started as a Consultant at ttopstart, which I am very happy about. My time at ttopstart actually began a year earlier, when I started my graduation internship for the Master Science and Business Management.’

Padraic: ‘I’m an intern in the Academic Leadership team in ttopstart. I’m currently completing the Science and Business Management Masters in Utrecht University and I’m excited to get the chance to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in the program to the day-to-day activities of ttopstart.’

What is your role at ttopstart?

Tonći: ‘My mission as a consultant is to support life science researchers in moving beyond the mindset of competition and towards mutually beneficial collaboration.’

Floortje: ‘I am a consultant as part of the Business Leadership team. During my thesis research about critical factors in the development of biotech academic spin-offs I have retrieved some very interesting insights by talking to (academic) entrepreneurs and TTO employees. I can use this knowledge very well in my daily work with ttopstart and also further explore this in practice.’

Padraic: ‘In addition to supporting other consultants on an Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) project, I’ll be exploring the challenges and opportunities related to AI & Big Data initiatives within the field of Alzheimer’s disease for my thesis. As a major pillar of the Big Data for Better Outcomes Initiative, I want to explore how the application of AI tools in Alzheimer’s disease can be better facilitated by ttopstart by acting upon the associated challenges and opportunities.’

What are you looking forward to?

Tonći: ‘Personally, I enjoy working as part of a supportive, proactive and dynamic team. Immediate and candid feedback makes the learning process smoother and creates optimal conditions for finding the best possible adjustment for each project proposal.’

Floortje: ‘With an additional background and core interest in Pharmaceutical Sciences through my Bachelor studies, I am looking forward to contributing to the ttopstart team, and specifically, the Business Leadership team and support the continuation and market approval of various life sciences innovations!’

Padriac: ‘I am most looking forward to getting face to face with important experts within the Big Data and AI fields as it related to Alzheimer’s disease. Human Health is becoming more and more centred around data, and the application of AI tools trained on this wealth of data will become such an important feature across the entire patient journey. ttopstart finds itself in a unique position as a facilitator in the field to some extent, so there is great potential to extract opportunities from the experts I interview.’

 Thanks, Tonći, Floortje and Padraic!

Would you like to know more about them have a look at their team profiles: Tonći, Floortje and Padraic (will follow soon).


Floortje van Rongen

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