Tonći Šuštić, PhD 


Hi, I’m Tonći.
Nice to meet you!

My mission as a consultant is to support life science researchers in moving beyond the mindset of competition and towards mutually beneficial collaboration.

After over 13 years of service in biomedical research, in the fields of haemato-oncology, personalized cancer medicine, immunology and serology, I now balance the overview of methodological possibilities with a forward-thinking vision aimed to address emerging medical needs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, guided by my supervisors at Sanquin, I spearheaded the development of FEASI. This ELISA-based immunoassay is designed to quantify the ability of IgG antibodies to stimulate effector cells of the human immune system. Unlike previously established methods, FEASI does not rely on expensive equipment and complex computational data processing, making it suitable for resource-limited settings.

My PhD at the Netherlands Cancer Institute focused on the adaptive mechanisms of resistance to precision medicines, and explained how the activation of non-canonical MAPK signalling may interfere with MEK inhibitor treatments in KRAS-driven colorectal cancer. This work proposed synergistic drug combinations based on collateral vulnerabilities that emerged as a result of adaptation to a specific treatment regimen.

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Personally, I enjoy working as part of a supportive, proactive and dynamic team. Immediate and candid feedback makes the learning process smoother and creates optimal conditions for finding the best possible adjustment for each project proposal.

Contact details
+31 6 83 26 79 33

Tonći in facts

Values creativity, personal freedom, and commitment to community.

Regular at yoga classes, and workshops on mental and emotional health.

Likes to visit indigenous cultures, and connect with their worldview.

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