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Smarter strategies for your business

Success in pharma, biotech or medtech requires a business strategy that can break through the many market hurdles.

At ttopstart we make the complex simple and position the visions and ideas of biomedical innovators in the right context. With my business and strategic mindset, I love to challenge their ideas and create the context for informed decision making. With our detailed understanding of the challenges facing life science innovations, we help them find new ways to realize meaningful impact.


Market research

Biobusiness is characterized by many challenging or facilitating factors. With our market research services, we aid in identifying these factors and connecting the dots.


Business strategy

The introduction of healthcare innovations is complicated by numerous stakeholders, fierce regulations, long time-to-market, and enormous upfront investments. Pharma, biotech, and medtech industries have an extremely high attrition rate, and standard business strategies are typically not enough. Smarter strategies are needed that comprehensively target all the challenges, bring together R&D and funding milestones and leverage key market trends and developments.


Financing strategy

The EC is interested in boosting European competitiveness and generating jobs while transforming research results into real economic or societal value. For that, an array of non-dilutive funding schemes is available for SMEs and large companies, aimed at funding a proportion of both R&D and commercial activities. 

In addition to non-dilutive funding, firms should be aware of dilutive funding options. Obtaining dilutive financing requires understanding the importance of ‘fit’ between the investor and investee, leading negotiations, and knowing how due diligence and valuations are carried out.


Mergers, acquisition, valuation and due dilligence

A fair valuation of a company becomes important when changes in shareholder structure are on the table. Especially for healthcare and life sciences innovations, valuation can be challenging as new drugs or products require years of expensive development, with pivotal clinical stages, before they reach the market and become profitable. A predetermined value range will ensure aligned expectations between stakeholders and simplify negotiations. Moreover, setting a fair value, rather than the highest value possible, ensures that in the long run the company will retain a strong fundraising position.

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Our ‘Business Leadership’ brochure contains relevant insights on how to strategise over the entire life cycle of your innovation. Download the brochure and find out how to implement smarter business strategies that breaks through the many market hurdles.

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